Give us Barabbas – This is Not the Way of Christ

Christians, we have a problem: the world can’t tell the difference between the church and right-wing extremists, and that’s our fault. Some of us are right-wing extremists, and many of us tolerate and even promote rhetoric that helps get people there. In fact, there was all sorts of Christian symbolism at the Capitol on Wednesday, …

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President Trump & Vice President Pence

Not Another Christian Case Against Trump

I’ll start with the conclusion, then walk you through how I got here –  the Church has traded the integrity of our message for political power. We need to reject the rhetoric and bad behavior of President Trump and send a clear message to future candidates that divisiveness and vitriol will not be tolerated a candidate who wants to represent us. This is done with our votes. I get that some in the Christian camp believe that a Biden presidency would be the end of religious freedom, guns and maybe even democracy. While I don’t think that’s likely, I am willing to sacrifice my religious freedom and even enter a period of persecution if it that’s what it takes to show the world that we’re divorcing the gospel from the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

An Open Letter to President Trump from an Evangelical Re: Lafayette Protesters

An open letter from an evangelical to President Trump regarding the clearing of protesters from Lafayette Square for a photo op.

Dear President Trump,

It has come to my attention that, as an evangelical, I am your target market. That much of what you do and say is to garner my favor and lock in my vote for the next election. I didn’t realize just how powerful my voice is in your ears until I watched you clear Lafayette Park of protesters so you could hold a Bible in front of a damaged church to show me that “we’re winning.” You’ve gone as far to say that you think Christians see that as a “beautiful picture.”